Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Day 1

So I have an hour long train Journey that I do twice a day to work and back. Im gonna write down a couple of thoughts for the day and post them here, see what you think.


So I have just completed two days or corporate induction, which every physio has been to, and no one needs telling what they are about....but if your not a physio and curious and think it's exciting, other than starting work for a new trust its not the easiest to enthusiastically engage with. Health and safety, fire safety and everyone's safety are the general topics but it was informative and it is needed. 

Now it's Wednesday and I am on the 7am train to London to start my first day as a band 5, a little bit nervous, a lot excited.

First Day done. I really enjoyed today, there is a great team there that have made me feel welcomed already. I found the centre easily and am really excited to start working everyday. My First Day really highlighted to me that I have so much to learn in amputee rehabilitation and that this rotation is going to be a lot of fun!

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