Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Today was the first delayed train day, a train broke down outside our station and all trains were cancelled, it happens, I got over it and didn't let it ruin my day, currently on the way to London Bridge little bit late. But hey I've been early everyday for the past month so it's okay. As the incredibles put so well, "We get there when we get there!" 

I have been doing lots of in service training recently, this is where the experienced members off staff pass on their knowledge and teach the new ones. It makes a lot of sense and I'm really lucky that I get so many where I am working!

Today's in service training was on discharge planning at the amputee rehabilitation unit. Planning for discharge is such an important aspect, as they are returning home in such a different state to the one they left in (at least 1 limb less). This can be a stressful time for patients and we need to make it as comfortable and positive as possible because its a really big step in the right direction! We have been working 6 weeks for this moment! Discharge planning should ideally start pre operativly, but we don't get to see our patients until they are referred post operativly so we start it straight away, getting all the little jobs done early, means I don't have to write loads in the last few days!

Really enjoying work, and the commute! 

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