Monday, 7 November 2016

Start of week 4

So it's the 07/11/16

It's the start of week 4! 

I've nearly been here 4 whole weeks and it still feels like I've just started, on student placements I would be nearing the end and thinking wow I've done so much. This time is different I still feel I have loads to learn, and there is a lot more paperwork than normal. 
As a student I didn't write discharge reports or referrals because I was unqualified, I've really been working on my writing for these letters and especially my style, I have a tendency to write like I'm chatting to someone and that's not particularly useful. At my trust all our note writing is on computers which is great for me because I'm a fast ish typer and am happy to not use all those acronyms, in one trust these were 2 confusing acronyms:

SOEOB, it's quite fun to say and stands for Sitting on edge of bed. 
However lots of people use the acronym 
SOBOE, again a good one to say out loud, and stands for Shortbess of Breath on Exertion. 
But these are so similar and can lead to a bit of confusion when used in the same sentence, for example: Pt SOBOE, returned to SOEOB.....luckily typing out in full is quicker than working out the proper order of letters!

I don't mind acronyms and they are useful but they can sure be confusing and often most other disciplines have no idea what we are on about! I'm currently learning a load of new ones from our allowed list and I can see why other staff get confused. 
See you soon.

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