Sunday, 11 December 2016


So just to touch on the differences between being a student and qualified physio...

1. As well as all the new clinical skills and language to learn, there is the paperwork for lots of different things, for example referrals, discharge summarys, and outcome measures that as a student you fill out occasionally but as a qualified they really matter!

2. You don't have to write Student physio or get it countersigned, to start with I wrote student and had to cross it out a few times, you get used to it though!

3. Mandatory training, there is a lot more than you think and it takes time!

4. Well you get paid, big bonus that money, however you never seem to have more money! Ive been paid more in 2 months than last year but I somehow havn't managed to save anything! 

5. You are a professional and your opinion matters, that's real. You can make a difference on your's great!

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