Thursday, 19 January 2017


It's a new year but there was no Christmas holiday!

It's something everyone has to get used to, no 4 weeks off to fill your time with nothing!
I was really lucky and my rotation currently doesn't cover bank holidays so I at least had 2 bank holidays over Christmas which was great! 

I'm loving amputee rehabilitation, I'm learning loads and really getting to grips with some really intense rehab. This is hands on intensive rehabilitation, with 2 sessions a day the patients really progress.

I am enjoying prosthetic rehabilitation and teaching patients how to use these exciting new pieces of equipment they havnt seen before. There is so many ways of teaching that's it's a really good place to experiment with how you deliver information and I'm working out what's I find works best, with the help of some excellent colleagues!

The training on this rotation has been great, coming into a specialist area was daunting but I have been allowed to learn and grow my skills. I have had regular in service training and as we all treat patients in the same room lots of tips and help whilst I'm doing sessions. All of the therapists have been so much fun to work with! 

So let's talk about a few great story's, one patient has been on crutches for 3 years and now that their leg has been amputated they can walk inside without crutches and use a walking stick for long distances, such a massive change for them but so good! When they left and said it was all thanks to me, I felt that really summed up why I became a physiotherapist. 

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